A new kind of email.

We've reimagined email to give you back control, focus, and peace of mind, by preventing spam and phishing while keeping you organized.

Label Powered Email

With Port87, we introduce the concept of "Label Powered Email". Each label has a dedicated email address. You assign unique labels to different groups or services:

For your friends and family:


For your business:


For your apps and services:


Anything you can imagine!


With label powered email, you can directly channel the emails where they belong, as soon as they arrive.

Aggbox: An Inbox That Works for You

Say goodbye to clutter. The Aggbox (Aggregation Box) shows you the labels you want to see and nothing more. No more time wasted moving emails to the right place. Your Aggbox shows you exactly what you want to see, when you want to see it.

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Why Choose Port87?

Impeccable Spam Filtering

Using unique labels for different services makes it incredibly hard for spammers to reach you. Our 12-month testing period boasted a 100% success rate in blocking spam!

Say No to Phishing

Traditional email services make it tough to distinguish a phishing email. With Port87, a phishing email will stick out like a sore thumb, arriving in the wrong label category.

Advanced Sender Screening

First-time senders to a label with screening will have to verify they're not a robot. This way, you're only hearing from verified individuals, not bots.

I am not a robot

Take Control with the Port87 App

Our user-friendly progressive web app and upcoming mobile app offer you complete control over your email sorting and delivery system. Get push notifications through our web app for your important emails.

Public Face, Private Space

Ever wanted to share your email address online but feared the spam flood? With Port87, you can. Emails sent to your bare address (yourname@port87.com) trigger an automated response, directing the sender to use one of your public labels. It's an elegant way to avoid spam while staying easily reachable.

Get Started with Port87

Enough talking; let's get you started on a better email experience. Join Port87 now and take the first step toward reclaiming your digital life.

Let Email Work for You, Not the Other Way Around
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